ZULU Coworking is a space created to grow both, professionally and personally, by being part of environment based on – productivity, community and creativity.

We aim to collectively create a new way of working by being part of a space to inspire people.

We are Located in Palma, the main city in the Balearic Islands and a major touristic hotspot of the Mediterranean area famous for its quality of life, in a beautiful full renewed building. In the heart of Santa Catalina, a sought-after neighbourhood, attracting a number of foreign visitors. Excellent accessibility and close to the Santa Catalina market and all amenities.

Be-come part of the Zulu Community! Work from our Hot desk, in a designed and private space, where you can choose to become a member on a monthly basis or just buy day credits, day passes or half day passes, to be used in three months time (subject to availability)..

We provide phone booths to give you the maximum privacy, or a conference room (up to 6 people) in case you are planning to have meetings.

Find more info in our website: www.zulucoworking.com or call us at +34 621 19 13 45

Address: Carrer de Sant Magín 72, CP 07013, Palma Santa Catalina

HOT DESK€23048,30€278,30 (membership)
HOT DESK 24/7€245€51,45€296,45 (membership)
    10 Days Credit€14029,40€169,40
    5 Days Credit€9018,90€108,90
DAY PASS€306,30€36,30
HALF DAY€204,20€24,20
    Per Hour€306,30€36,30
   Per hour€102,10€12,10
    From 3 hours€255,25€30,25