Why do we do sales only on request and what that means?

This text might be one of the most interesting and realistic ones on our webpage.

Why did we decide all of the sudden to promote ourselves as “ 1 contact to other trustful and carefully chosen real estate agents” and “agents who do sales only on request”?

Nowdays it is very difficult to get an exclusivity. Property owners are not willing to commit to only one agency and sign contract of exclusive sale for certain period of time. For them , that is very risky. On the other side to work without exclusivity is very risky as agency might invest lots of time and result is not guaranteed as there is many other agents and different situations which might be presented in between.
When and if exclusivity is given that means owner is friend or family with agency / agent and that is great as we like to collaborate.

In most cases there is no exclusivity and that automatically implicates that property owner gives property to several agencies.

This is where real problem begins as client gets CONFUSED.

There are 2 groups of agents. Serious, experienced, trustful, professional, with knowledge and information who understand value of word, trust and respect and other group who decided yesterday to be real estate agents.

First group will send professional photographer, really get into the property, understand property owner, check all DOCUMENTATION (many agents don’t do it at all ).

Other group knows someone who knows someone and then start making advertisment on different portals with uncorrect information.

What is interesting is that many times you will see one same property with different description, uncomplete information, different square meters and all different prices which we must say is very confusing especially if you are foreigner and laws from your own country are not same like in Mallorca. This is crucial moment when client gets confused.

That is why you need someone who you can TRUST!

What is our job? — > Basically to represent you in property research.

Option 1: We search for property which is not on the market yet through our private contacts
Option 2: Contacting our collaborating agents who we know are correct people and professionals.

How much you pay for our service? —> You still pay the same but in different way.
Usual agency fee is 5% + VAT , except in some other cases where there is different negotiation in between.
We share 50-50% with other agent or if 3 agents in between which sometimes might happen we split in 3.

Why Properties Palma?
1) you can trust us
2) we really save your time
3) we are talented in sales on first viewing that means we know which character suits which property
4) we know and understand market
5) we know people

So conclusion: Why do you want to talk to many people and get confused when you can deal with only 1 and that 1 representative will follow you in the whole negotiation and purchase process.

It is simple.

Thank you for your time in reading this text.