Who are our clients?

All those people who are on the crossing point in their life and need an accomodation for short term rental in Palma and all those who are willing to give their trust only to us when it comes to property purchase.

We are specialized in short term rentals for the rental period 1 to 6 months in Palma de Mallorca.

If you are reading this maybe you are our potential client.

Yachties who do not want to live on the boat and need some private time on their own or simply crew members who need temporary accomodation as boat is in the shipyard and they are not able to stay in.

Young people who come to study or work and looking for temporary accomodation.

Friends & family members visiting friends&family but can not stay at their place as there is no enough space or simply prefer to have their own privacy.

People changing living countries and need place for temporary stay until they find something more permanent and in this time get an idea what is really suitable for them. Lets say clients who are not in rush.

Business people coming for business reasons or simply switching companies and company they will work for is organizing them an accomodation.

People who come to educate themselves or simply coming to do different creative workshops, courses etc.

People who have health issues and coming to improve their health status.

Clients who are celebrating important dates/period in their life.

Many of them just simply need to take some time off, disconnect to reconnect.

All nature, animal , food , Mallorca lovers.

Unfortunately some of them lost family member or going through personal suffering and come to recover.

On the other side, clients who choose only us to represent them in property purchase process understand concept of Properties Palma and decide to give their trust to us.

We strongly believe in energy, we are not in rush. Who needs to be our client, will be.

We are deeply grateful to all those who rented or bought property with PROPERTIES PALMA.

Also, thank you very much for recommending us and constantly coming back that is sign that we are on the right path.

Properties Palma is non commercial real estate agency , we are here to serve people.