What Neighbours Say about Son Armadams?

It used to be a neighborhood that at the time of “su epoch” was lower quality and lower life standard, but nowadays tourism and the influence of modernization has put it at the top so that people come to see this neighbourhood which is so charming, so simple which is so nice that is for people living here and visiting. –SEÑOR PEDRO, A LOCAL NEIGHBOUR, 90 YEARS OLD

I have been present in Son Armadams for more than 25years and I think I would never change this area for another. I know many areas because sometimes I do deliveries in too many areas of Palma. Some of them are more expensive or more modern , but I think I would really never change Son Armadams for any other area. Here you still have the authentic Mallorca and the people know each other! -SEÑOR VICENTE, OWNER OF THE FLOWER SHOP “BLANC Y VERD”

 ​Son Armadams is a very quiet and very classical neighborhood. Everybody knows each other. Many of us neighbours go in the same coffee shops. There are a few restaurants and hotels here. I would cross street Marques de la Senia, go down the stairs and would be within few min in Paseo Maritimo, main road by the port. Parking in our neighbourhood is not a problem. I  have been living in Son Armadams for the past 40 years. We have Belver Castle one step away. It has always been a residential area, in general it is a clean living here, you won’t want to live anywhere else!-SEÑORA ANGELA, SPENT HALF OG HER LIFE LIVING IN SON ARMADAMS