What kind of rental properties do we offer in our portfolio?

As you could probably notice until now if you follow our work or made a bit of research , we don’t have luxury properties with crazy prices and beautiful interesting interior designs.

It is not that we don’t want to have it, we just focus more on human relations : agent – owner, agent – client tenant rather than having chic interior design properties with not good location or high requested rental conditions.  We are practical so as long as the rental process is easy, location is central,
flexible rental conditions and we are the only agency which represents the property.

So our rental properties we offer have

We are covering all areas from the Cathedral La Seu , lets say from Palma old town all the way up to Illetas , Cas Catala. So Palma old town and Plaza España, Santa Catalina, Son Armadams, Son Espanyolet, El Terreno, Bonanova and Porto Pi, Cala Major and San Agustin and Illetas. First, second and third line from the sea side.

When you want to rent property in Mallorca it is necessary to present working contract and other paperwork as security, showing that you are responsible tenant. At Properties Palma
we don’t ask for this paperwork. Property owners have trust in us and our negotiations skills and after so many years in rental business we have lots of experience and consider that our job is to make the process as easy at possible because research itself is already difficult due to lack of properties.
So : no need for working contracts, small deposit and flexible in extending rental contract in case is necessary. 

All properties have decent rental prices , following up with the market but with no exaggeration. Deposit and agency fee on request depending on length of stay.

If you are interested in one of our rental properties , do not hesitate to contact us via email at info@propertiespalma.com