Valeria’s recommendation for cosmetics

Valeria is our dear client and now friend as she started visiting Mallorca many years ago with her partner.

Every times she brings us a gift eather cosmetics or chocolates.

After trying products that she brought, founder decided to ask her to write down products that she likes and chooses and where to get them.

Valeria is not in beauty industry but simply curious and well informed mind who likes to explore and learn. She is in charge for citizenship through investments in foreign countries so all these recommendations are simply through exploring and experience. Enjoy!

Organic cosmetics – a power of nature

While we spend a lot of time waiting for what new formulas science has to offer to change our beauty routine, nature seems to overstep us on the way to skin recovery process. Let’s have a look at the benefits of organic cosmetics. Here is our review of several brands from different countries.

Founded in Athens in 1979 by two pharmacists, APIVITA (which means “life of the bee”) offers effective natural beauty products using such ingredients as honey, Greek olive oils, propolis, essential oils. You can really feel the smell of mountain herbs using Apivita’s shower gels and body creams. We highly recommend Apivita’s line for hydration of your skin on every day basis. And a little goes a long way using this organic cosmetics.

Where to buy: El Corte Engles, Apothecary

PAI Skincare.
If it has to be the ultimate moisturiser for any type of skin-we would name the pure rosehip oil for sure. But the very important fact about this product is the quality of extraction. That is why we recommend PAI Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil from British brand, because of the advanced CO2 extraction method. This oil is the ultimate multi-tasker, moisturising your skin and giving the vibrant glow. Use in the morning or evening after cleansing and toning before sunscreen.

Where to buy: El Corte Engles, Sephora, CultBeauty

Zielinski & Rosen. Born in Jaffa, Israel, this brand and its philosophy wins hearts of organic cosmetics lovers all over the Europe, opening boutiques in different locations like Paris and Ibiza. We recommend visiting this shops to choose your favourite smells from vanilla to cedarwood and jasmine. Brand uses pure ethyl alcohol for diffusers which is used in the food industry and medicine. It has no harmful fumes.

Where to buy: Zielinski & Rosen shops

Coco Soul.
Pure organic cosmetics from India is a part of our Ayurvedic routine we would like to share. Here you will find a real cure for dehydrated skin, without and mineral oils (because they are basically made of plastic and do no good only masking a problem). The smell is divine.

Body Lotion | With Coconut, Sandalwood & Ayurveda | Paraben, Silicones & Mineral Oil Free | 100% Vegan | 200ml

Where to buy: online

Evolve Beauty.
This British brand is only one example from series of small productions with very good ingredients. Try body butter as a new concept for your routine and feel how easy it melts on the skin. Like this Tropical Blossom Body Butter with organic shea butter and natural Tahitian coconut Monoi macerated in exotic blossoms of Gardenia. Easy to take on the tropical because it is not liquid and goes a long way. And for the face a life changing product is cleansing melt that rinses away clean, leaving skin clean, calm and hydrated.

Where to buy: online