Raising a Pet in Palma de Mallorca

Walking the dog – everything you need to know

Pets are a human’s best friend. Their presence creates excitement, positivity and happiness.

Property which Accepts Pets

Finding accommodation for pets on Mallorca is quite a difficult task. It takes some time, a good agency and a lot of patience. Most property owners are really stubborn and regardless of the size, type, or number, simply will not accept pets.

Imagine arriving to Mallorca for business and searching for accommodation in the center of the city, with a dog over 5 kilos in size. The chance you will find an owner who will lease a property for your needs is almost impossible.

The solution is choosing the right time of year (October-April), the right agency and leaving enough time (1-3 months) in order to find a place which suits your needs and accepts your pet.

Ideal Places for Dog Walking

Walking the dog is essential for the animal’s routine needs, but it is also a great way to meet new people and mingle with other dog owners who share the same interests. Taking the dog out in front of your building involves no excitement for you nor the dog and after a few days, will become a boring routine. In order to introduce novelties to your everyday schedule, try changing your walking trail and going on a route where the dog can run freely.

Top three dog walking locations we recommend:

1. Parc la Seu, behind the Cathedral in Palma center.

The area is lovely and the dogs are friendly and well-behaved. Walking the dog here is real enjoyment. Most owners already know each other so after a while it becomes a real “coffee to go routine”, especially if you decide to bring a coffee mug and enjoy building new friendships. Parking is always available at the underground parking garage, at the parking in front of the Mar de Nudos restaurant or STP (Palma Shipyard).

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2. Bellver forest and El Terreno neighborhood.

If your busy lifestyle defers you from hiking to Tramuntana and you would like to take your dog out and enjoy the bohemian quarter of Palma, then this is the place to go. A pet friendly neighborhood with kind people and many dog-lovers will become your favorite. Parking is limited so prepare to circle until you find a spot.

walking the dog, mallorca, palma de mallorca, pet in palma

3. Parc de les Estaciones, area Placa España.

This park is packed with obedient dogs and their owners, so walking the dog here is lovely. People stand around and chat with one another while their dogs run happily, without being afraid of them running away or getting into fights. Parking can easily be found on the street, for an ‘on-the-hour’ price.

walking the dog, mallorca, palma de mallorca, pet in palma

Be sure to check out all three locations and let us know which one is your favorite – and your dog’s, of course!

Properties Palma is here to answer any questions you might have regarding owning a pet on the island.