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A business incorporates many branches – sales, management, finances, customer relations, community affiliation, marketing and many more. In our strive to deliver the best possible service and care to each and every one of our clients for Mallorca accommodation, our priority is to thoroughly focus on each segment separately.

Marketing itself comprises of many aspects, amongst which digital marketing is top priority for almost all businesses in the 21st century. We started the year with the launch of a fresh, newly developed website with the idea to strengthen our brand Properties Palma, provide a more user-friendly experience as well as once again show our clients how important it is to us that they are happy with our services. In addition, we chose to add articles, blog posts, with content which is useful to people who are new on the island.

This took a lot of brainstorming. Which topics are amusing for tourists to read, what is something they lack knowledge about or is there a service or product on the island which is still not sufficiently explored? Shall we write about the best beaches, Mallorca accommodation, classy restaurants, amazing rooftops with beautiful views overlooking Palma Bay, or should we be a bit more original? Do we want to use the standard by-the-book recommendations which have been re-written so many times by magazines such as ABC Mallorca and Look Mallorca, or should we be our own?

We chose originality. We chose to tell you OUR story. 

Properties Palma was founded 6 years ago as a way of connecting people, similar to a network. The whole idea was simple – help people settle and live on this magnificent island or enjoy a wonderful vacation as tourists. We never categorized ourselves as a commercial real estate agency, because this essentially collides with our goals. Our number one priority was, and always will be, customer satisfaction, not revenue. 

Here is how we work.

First of all, we recommend to all our clients to imagine Mallorca accommodation which they would like to settle and start a new life in. We suggest they organize themselves on time to know exactly what they are looking for. Booking a short-term property while in-search for a long-term property to live in, leaves a large chance that once the short-term stay of i.e. 10-15 days expires, you will still be stuck with a property you are not comfortable with. 

If a client comes who does not know which area is the most suitable, a client who is not entirely sure of which property would be best for them or a client who is not satisfied with the current real-estate market offer, we are here to guide and advise you. We will do our best to find accommodation for a month or two longer so that you have plenty of time to find exactly what you want and make the right decision.

Late autumn, winter and very early spring are the best seasons for real-estate hunting in Mallorca. During this time, there is a wide range of properties and a much bigger portfolio for homes and apartments to choose from.

Remember, if you do not find your property, your property will find you. It is the agent’s job, our job, to connect you to the right people and guide you to the doorstep of your new Mallorca accommodation. We are here holding your hand every step of the way, because when we run into you on the island, a couple of months from now, we expect to see a big “thank you smile” on your face. Brilliant properties are always on the market for you and you might not even know, so call us!

Listen to our true story: Sometime last year we received an inquiry via email from a lady who was well-organized, in search for Mallorca accommodation, knew what she wanted and planned her trip in advance. She included a list of all the property features she expected. The client was very emotional moving with her family and two dogs into a new environment thus we worked extra hard to cater to the family’s needs. We presented them with numerous (very many) real-estate rentals, however, they ended up choosing an expensive property, out of the budget we were searching for. A few months later, we advertised a large, pet-friendly house with a lovely garden and parking in the center of Palma. Long story short, the same clients were in need of a change and unknowingly, the path led them to us again. We signed the contract within 24 hours and heard they are now expecting a baby.

What is the conclusion? Do not force something to happen, combine organized with flexible and remember, what is meant to be yours, no one can take away from you.

Do you need information regarding Spanish documents, contracts and other obligatory procedures and requirements? Be sure to find that here.

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