One day in Mallorca

Lets imagine that we are in Mallorca for only one day.

As this island is so beautifuk and offers so much, it is not easy to make a decision.

Here is one of our suggestions how to spend one day on the island.

Start early between 7-8am so you have an entire day in front. In case you have car, fantastic. Otherwise, head to Intermodal estacion , main station located at Plaza España, main square in Palma and take bus from there.

First stop is Valldemossa!

We won’t talk to much about Valldemossa as it is boring, everyone writes one same thing.
Best is to go explore and experience it. For sure there is a reason why it is said few years ago that Valldemossa is one of top 10 most beautiful villages in Spain.

Once you arrive you can park car on the main village parking (right hand side from the main road).

Our recommendation for breakfast is traditional local place “Can Molinas”, you can try ‘coca de patatas’ one of their most popular products. Enjoy little back yard garden which is really beautiful. Birds singing, lots of greenery and flowers around. Small and private.

2-3 hours is more then enough to stroll along the streets of this beautiful village. You can go as well in Chopin’s museum , it is nice or visit Valldemossa hotel near by. There are some
Other nice local shops and in between Atelier Rosita studio, nice charming art place.

Next stop is Deia village. One of the most beautiful places on the island if not the most beautiful one!

On the way to Deia you can stop to Sa Foradada for spectacular sea views and driving from Valldemossa to Deia with some nice music is a dream come true.

Recommendation for lunch eather Nama Deia (in the village) or Can Patro March (Cala Deia).
Nama Deia is definitely one of the best restaurants on the island, owned by our friend Bonnie who has been in hospitality business for many years.
Regarding Can Patro March , its a sea food restaurant , you can not book online or via phone only go there directly and wait.
It has fantastic sea views, it is very popular island spot.

Hike above Cala Deia is just so so beautiful but depends about your time management.

We forgot to mention that from time to time in Hotel Belmond Residencia in Deia village there are some nice art expositions. Maybe it would be nice to check day before.

Next stop is Soller. Not our favourite one but everyone loves Port of Soller.
After you finish you can eather go back to Palma directly from Soller stopping at Jardines Alfabia or go back same road you came enjoying sunset colors. It is really magical!