Nanny Recommendation

As we always intend to give best possible service and advices to make your life easier, here is our choice when it comes to children. 

Busy lifestyle sometimes makes people need someone to look after their kids in last min or you have some ongoing projects and lots of meetings and need someone who you can trust to look after your child from time to time for few hours. 

Cindy & Eman are lovely family who have been by our side for many years. They are responsible, hard working and wonderful people with big heart. 

As Cindy is now a mother of adorable Chantheigh, you can always contact her directly via instagram or contact us so we can contact her about leaving your child with her and her baby for few hours so she can help.

As we stand behind our words and we carefully chose people who we can trust, feel free to go ahead if you need help. 

Thank you.