Nama Deia Mallorca

Dear Bonnie, you are well known on the island as very professional and experienced in your business, recognized as kind heart and forever animal lover. Does not surprise the fact that NAMA is one of the top restaurants on the island.

Mallorca is definitely changing a lot. What do you think of hospitality business now compared to few years ago and do you have any vision in which direction all will go this year or maybe in the coming years?

Mallorca like the rest of the world will continue to welcome more influx of guests with the world finally opening up from Covid. Meeting the demand & providing a good experience is another thing. The hospitality industry is definately getting more strained from all fronts. Costs across board have increased significantly from Labour to food to transportation costs and at the same time I honestly cannot say we are getting value for it. And unfortunately the costs will continue to climb. We are going into our 7th season with heightened anticipation for another busy season. But at the same time with exercised caution as I also say in business we need to always expect the unexpected. My vision is for more balance as a whole for our industry & our island. It has got to be a long term plan rather than a short one. I also understand its not always simple but when politics are involved.

We all know how busy you are in the season. Could you tell us how our clients can book a table and is there any recommendation for time frame ?

Most of the time we are booked up a few weeks in advance & we do not tend to the phone line as to be honest we do not have the manpower to do so as the phone literally do not stop ringing from 8am till we close. So please do book online ahead. We are an all day kitchen so I recommend you coming in between service to enjoy our space & food.

What do you love about Mallorca the most and do you have any plans on opening another restaurant somewhere else on the island?

Mallorca simply makes me feel right at home & there is something special about living on an island. Funny that as I always thought I would love to live on one, and here I am. Nama is the 8th restaurant since arriving into Spain 2008. And in my head, I have at least 6 solid projects I love to get started “lol”.

Also, you are well known as someone who really takes care of your employees. What is the most important for you when choosing someone new to join your team?

End of the day, everyone comes with baggage. But for me, the only things that matters to me are the three H’s – humility, humour & hunger. Humility as pride & arrogance don’t get you far. Humour as we all must have plenty of laughs as we worked way too hard in this highly stressful industry to not have a sense of humour. And hunger, hunger to learn, hunger to want to be better than yesterday. Even without experience, I am willing to take a chance on anyone that wants to be part of our family Nama.

What do you think of regenerative agriculture as a new way of living and its impact on Mallorquin market?

I think Mallorca should be at the forefront of this culture. An island thats not self sufficient & dependent on mainland supplies for food is a risky way to live. Regenerative agriculture should be part of our lifestyle & culture as islanders, how could it hurt?

For more info about the restaurant NAMA DEIA, you are welcome to visit official instagram page.