Magical island – Mallorca

Seduced by honey-colored stone buildings, flourishing landscapes of pine, oak and olive trees and mesmerizing sea views this island attracts people from all over the world to come for the experience of unique piece of paradise surrounded by mediterranean blue waters.
Even before Mallorca became a popular touristic destination it was known as an escape island for various groups of people.
This is the place where writer Jorge Louis Borges wrote more then 80 books of prose and poetry, where composer and pianist Frederic Chopin wrote one of his most famous and beloved works, where painter Joan Miró spent the last 20 years of his life creating pieces of art that are still present on the island and famous museums all around the world.
Mallorca is a very special place in the Mediterranean with a very pure light and energy. For hikers, nature enthusiast and most recently cyclists it is the Serra de Tramontana’s formidable limestone cliffs and bluffs that are attractive. For others it is as fleeting as the almond blossom snowing on meadows in late winter, or the interior’s vineyards in their autumn mantle of gold.
Wherever your journey takes you, Mallorca never fails to seduce.
Mallorca has a sunny personality thanks to its ravishing beaches, azure views, remote mountains and towns with friendly natives.


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