Love Hero is about celebrating Mother Nature, Life & People, in a colourful manner. Built on sustainable foundations with the planet as the first and main influence from design process, sourcing and development, to final garment. We want to establish a mentality o “Buying for Life”, clothing you appreciate, connect with, and pass on, all while celebrating life’s vibrancy, and bright spirit and embedding the ideology of sustainability as a norm.


Paint swirl kaftan:  The multicoloured paint strokes are inspired by artistic notions of layering paint over an existing painting on a canvas, imagine a canvas brought to life in this kaftan it is a masterpiece in itself as each garment print is unique so making it yours with how you style it is the perfect way to wear it.  

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Floral placement mini kaftan: Like a flower, each petal is different yet similar, this kaftan has a pop of colour, it is a vibrant addition your wardrobe that will breathe life and color into your every day. You can even wear it as an oversized top! Plus, with its reversible design featuring a photographic flower around the neckline, it’s truly one-of-a-kind. Embrace its androgynous style with a flattering V-neck, elegant over-the-elbow sleeves, and stylish leg splits.

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Paint splash Cuban shirt: This shirt isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a celebration of individuality and inclusivity. With its relaxed, gender-neutral cut, it’s designed to be adored by everyone. Mix and match it with your own wardrobe favorites or pair it with genderless pleated trousers for the ultimate matchy-matchy chic. Let your style shine with this versatile and joyful piece!”

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