Kids and emotions in time of the Coronavirus

While on one side the World Health Organisation, BBC news, the World Economic Forum, CNN , CNBC and other media are informing us about the latest Coronavirus news and its serious consequences on the global economy, Instagram profiles are trying to be fashionable with promoting healthy living and jokes. But, what about our youngest audience, our children? How are they processing these emotions?

Children are the fastest age group to adapt to changes, nevertheless they are also the deepest emotional receivers. They absorb emotions quicker than any adult, their souls are clean and pure, they are innocent beings just wanting to be happy and loved. 

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Try to imagine yourself on one side and your child/children on the other side. In less than a month, the whole world has been locked down in the Coronavirus quarantine. It is shocking and surprising at the same time. If partying, alcohol, free movement, beauty salons, gyms, coffees, business lunches, shoppings are all activities which are difficult to refrain from, then imagine how children feel. For children is not as hard though, they adapt very quickly, they don’t need parks when they have happiness around them.

What about emotions? As they adapt very quickly to a new lifestyle, their deficiencies need to be compensated with proper a verbal/colorful explanations. You obviously need to be in balance and prepared for challenges you are facing yourself at the moment. When parents cannot control their emotions, children feel it. Remember the main sentence which the plane crew says: “In case of emergency put your mask on first and then assist your child”. That means you, primarily need to be emotionally stable in order to help your children. Talk to them and talk a lot, no matter how old they are.

Be careful when it comes to fear, panic and other low frequency emotions during the Coronavirus. Most adults will say that they are too young or they don’t understand anything. Kids know everything and much more then you can possibly imagine. This could be is one of the main reasons the population is locked down (please think about this in detail). 

Properties Palma is a non-commercial agency that takes extreme care of children and dogs. Those that are familiar with our way of work, know this about us. We had many, really many clients with kids and most landlords who use our services had agreements with us to accept clients with kids. Unfortunately we cannot post all the amazing photos and videos from our archive. 

While preparing this article, we contacted numerous clients with kids but one especially helped a lot. 

“V” is 4.5 years old, from day one we knew she is an angel in a body of a child. She will always smile, hug and play without speaking a lot. Please read the questions below which “V” has been asking these days. 

Why are people wearing masks? Why are all the shops closed? She saw on television that people are set to stay at home two weeks and keeps repeating this. She wonders why playgrounds are closed. She asks why there are only a few cars on the road. She asks why grandma did not come to visit as always. She asks why neighbours made a fiesta outside and danced until someone complained. 

The other day I found this sentence somewhere: “A child will remember who was with him/her, not how much was spent on presents. Kids outgrow toys and clothes but they never outgrow time and love which you gave them.” 

Please don’t complain how they are screaming, shouting, are nasty or hard to handle closed in one place for such a long time. This is the perfect time to set up good foundations for your kids’ development. A huge time for change that can have a positive outcome if you focus your energy in the right direction. 

Stay awake until late at night and organise everything a day or two in advance by hours and activities. Put love and peace into everything you do with your children instead of tiredness and you will see how good they will be the next day. Do as much research as possible, reading the right sources and talking to your friends. This is a very sensitive time, so utilise it in the best possible way. Don’t escape into digital world, finding excuses that this is the only way to calm them down for few hours. 

In case you are a spiritually an awake parent and well prepared for the changes we are faced with during the Coronavirus, share your knowledge. Help others expect same the energy back! 

Aristotele said “Give me your child until he is 7 years old and I will show you the man”. 

Do not behave like everything is normal in front of your kids, because it is not. We are faced with a huge pandemic, the Coronavirus. Find answers in your heart so you will be able to treat them correctly. Kids are here to teach us things we have forgotten somewhere, somehow long time ago. It is their turn, now.