Finally we managed to talk to Melanie on her way to Brasil! She did not answer on the first one but its ok 🙂 

Melanie Motu is an art curator based in South France. We met in summer 2022 and after realizing how inspiring and full of knowledge this lady is we decided to ask her few questions about art. 

1. How do you see art world today?

– no answer

2. Could you name few artists that you respect and adore their work

Masha Reva (ukrenian artist based in Kiev) –

Sara Falli (italian artist based in Tuscany) –

Alice Grenier Nebout (french artist based in Paris) – 

Melisa Ramet (argentine artist based in Ibiza)

3. How does perfect art purchase look like for you? Are you one of those “I see it, I like it, I take it” or you like more to make research on the artist, art works, think about it etc?

Me as curator, my line of selection is poetry. In an art work I go for it because I want more poetry in my life.

About Art Purchase : it is important to frame it well & put anti reflect glass

The framing is very challenging & depends on the home of the person

Sometimes, the artist sells its artworks framed, Sometimes no

Ex : Jamie Beck photographies : the framing of her masterpiece photographies make the THE MASTERPIECE

4. If you were to open Gallery MOTU at some other place sometime soon, where that would be? 

If I organise a Group Show with contemporary artists,  I might choose ITALY cause in italy there is a true love for art, a sensibility. 

Here is link to Melanie’s instagram profile, if you like her style, feel free to follow her.